Atinlay away assicalclay anguagelay elongingbay

otay ethay Italicway anchbray ofway ethay Indoway-Europeanway 

anguageslay. Ethay Atinlay alphabetway isway erivedday omfray 

ethay Etruscanway andway Eekgray alphabetsway.

Atinlay asway originallyway okenspay inway Atiumlay, inway ethay

 Italianway Eninsulapay. Oughthray ethay owerpay ofway ethay 

Omanray Epublicray, itway ecamebay ethay ominantday anguagelay, 

initiallyway inway Italyway andway ubsequentlysay oughoutthray 

ethay Omanray Empireway. Ulgarvay Atinlay evelopedday intoway 

ethay Omanceray anguageslay, uchsay asway Italianway, 

Ortuguesepay, Anishspay, Enchfray, andway Omanianray. Atinlay, 

Italianway andway Enchfray avehay ontributedcay anymay ordsway 

otay ethay Englishway anguagelay. Atinlay andway Ancientway 

Eekgray ootsray areway usedway inway eologythay, iologybay, 

andway edicinemay.

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