Igpay Atinlay isway away anguagelay odecay orway amegay andway

isway ostmay oftenway usedway ybay ildrenchay owhay eakspay


Ethay usualway ulesray areway:

Orfay ordsway atthay eginbay ithway onsonantcay oundssay, ovemay

allway ethay onsonantcay oundssay otay ethay endway ofway ethay
ordway andway addway "ayway."

Orfay ordsway atthay eginbay ithway owelvay oundssay, implysay

addway "ayway" otay ethay endway ofway ethay ordway.[1]

Igpay Atinlay atthay ouyay itewray isway ometimessay ittenwray

ithway ashesday, etweenbay ethay irstfay artpay andway ethay "

cay-ayway" etterslay, andway ometimessay itway isway otnay. Away

entencesay ancay ebay "Isway-aythay isway-ayway anway-ayway

exampleway-ayway ofway-ayway Igway-aypay Atinway-aylay ithway-

ayway ashesway-ayday", orway "Isthayway isayway anayway

exampleayway ofayway Igpayway Atinlayway ithoutwayway


Inway Igpay Atinlay, isthay entencesay :

Isway-aythay isway-ayway anway-ayway exampleway-ayway ofway-

ayway Igway-aypay Atinway-aylay. Asway-ayway ouway-ayyay anway-

aycay eeway-aysay, itsway-ayway illyway-aysay, utway-aybay

otsway-aylay ofway-ayway unway-ayfay orway-ayfay ildrenway-


omescay otay eanmay:

Isthay isway anway exampleway ofway igpay Atinlay. Asway ouyay

ancay eesay, it'sway illysay, utbay otslay ofway unfay orfay


Ethay Itishbray amenay orfay Igpay Atinlay isway "ackslangbay".

Otherway ebsiteswayEditway

Englishway otay Igpay Atinlay Anslatortray

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