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Elcomeway otay Ikipediaway,
ethay eefray encyclopediaway atthay anyoneway ancay editway.
17 articlesway inway Igpay Atinlay
Elphay eskdayAtercoolerway

Eaturedfay articleway: Omanray Empireway

Ethay Omanway Empireway (Atinlay: imperium romanum)asway ethay argestlay empireway ofway ethay ancientway orldway. Itsway apitalcay asway Omeray, andway itsway empireway asway asedbay onway ethay Editerraneanmay. Ethay Empireway atesday omfray 27 BC, enwhay Octavianway ecamebay ethay Emperorway, Augustusway.

Eesay oremay...

Ikipedia'sway istersay ojectsprayEditway

  • (urrentlycay onenay)

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